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      Zetian researching center has its own researching team, it made up of some senior engineers with 30 years of investigate and design experience, and many capable of energetic excellent talents.
The company set up research building specially with a standard laboratory and a pilot plant. There is a gel liquid chromatograph, and infrared spectrophotometer, a differential thermal analyzer, a gas chromatography, a ultraviolet spectrophotometer and other advanced analysis of testing instrument in it. There are more than 20 small synthetic experiment device and small ten sets of synthetic laboratory equipment.
Zetian independent research development fruits obtained 34 national invention patents, which has filled the blank of the industry, improved the quality of original products an d ensured the product stability. Zetian product development concepts, technology theory and production practice have reached the advanced level of the industry. To reach the production-study-research cooperation with the national 211 project University of Beijing University of Chemical Industry, it will promote the new product development and improve the quality of products with the help of the third party's strong research and development strength.

 Infrared Spectrophotometer  

Differential Thermal Analyzer

Gas Chromatography

Gel Liquid Chromatograph

Hebei Zetian Chemical Co., Ltd.
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